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About Matching Rings For Couples

About Promise Rings BIG, BOLD AND EXPENSIVE, PLUS the history of Promise Rings

You've probably heard of promise rings before. But what exactly are they? What are they? Should you buy and wear them? Are the rumors that circulate between friends about these rings true? To assist you in understanding the reasoning behind it and separate the truth from the gossip, we have collected all the important and interesting engagement ring facts you should know about this decorative piece. Find answers to your questions by reading on.

A Promise Ring: IS it a real thing?

A ring you gift your lover or exchange with her as a symbol for a wedding to come is an engagement ring. They promise each other to marry one another in the future in advance. A ring can either be passed on from one person to the next or two rings can be exchanged as wedding ring. Engagement rings are neither purity rings or commitment rings (more on this later). They are exactly what they are: a visible promise to get married, to join lives, in the event that circumstances favor you. Consider it an example of a promise ring definition.


You may be asking yourself, why is this even necessary? Sometimes, life is unpredictable and you aren't able to marry your beloved one right away. You may be struggling financially or you're just finishing your education, or you will have to leave your country for a long time. Teenagers can also exchange engagement rings if they are certain that they will be married when they reach adulthood.

To protect the love of one's heart from doubts and nurture hope, this ring is given as a reminder that sooner or later a reunion will take place. The promise ring is not a proposal in the traditional sense. It is a promise to return in a few years with the sequence "engagement and wedding and family life".


The history of promise rings is as long and exciting like any other piece of jewelry with significance. Here we will only discuss a few key points of the time.

In ancient Rome, marriage was a serious affair that involved huge sums of money. To prove that the marriage was going to take place after all the fuss and legal wrangling, the groom presented an engagement ring to the bride. It wasn't a modern engagement, but a legal promise that would bind the family contract through marriage. Unfortunately, there's nothing romantic about the ancient Roman promise rings.

In the Middle Ages such rings were given secretly as gifts to beautiful women whose love a knight or nobleman was trying to win. If the ring is received, then the effort has been successful. These rings may have specific stones, or an intricate engraving on the inside.

In the 19th Century the tradition of the promise ring began to take on a modern significance. The number of young and older bachelors were heading overseas to try their luck and establish themselves financially. To assure the lady who loved them that the groom to come would be loyal and devoted and to assist her through the separation, these rings were presented to the bride as a memento.

The wealthier people would simply swap these rings for reasons of fashion and the rings could be quite bizarre and imaginative at the time of high interest in codes and charades.

What is the fundamental idea behind this the ring?

The ring of today is similar to a promise that you express in your words, but it is often present on your hand and regularly reminds you of the promise. This is the reason why it's there - to remind someone of their love and commitment to marriage. It's a sign of vows and promises made. Rings are a sign that you are guaranteed to marry and have a family with someone you love.

Do I have to make a promise to ring?

Let's try to rephrase the question What are the reasons why you do it (exchange rings of promises)? It's not a good idea to exchange promise rings if you are not going to marry the person. That's the main reason. If you're planning on getting married, but do not have a lot of money spare You can skip this step and save some cash to purchase the engagement ring. After all, you can't manage them in any way.

Why not have something small to remind your boyfriend and you that it's just a matter of time in the event that the situation becomes difficult? You'll be able to enjoy a delicious wedding and honeymoon sooner rather than later. Sometimes, a sweet moment can inspire you, soothe you, and inspire you to keep going and work toward that ultimate goal. This ring can show your love one that you are committed to marriage, family and everything else. If you have the money to purchase one or two, then a promise-ring would be a great idea.


This is a vast space for exploration. The current fashion lets you wear virtually anything and look nice without having to be concerned about looking old. It is all dependent on your financial situation and the preferences of the lady you'd like to give a ring too. Just remember to choose one that is subtle and dainty (but still attractive). Then, she can proudly wear the promise ring which is a sign that she's serious.


Men's rings are more secluded and minimalist, sometimes brutalist. However, if you want something more sophisticated and elegant you can wear it without hesitation. The rigid rules about what to wear are mostly gone, so you can wear anything (as as long as it's something you can do). If you're not the type of person to be fashionable go for something neutral and simple that will work with any outfit.

Are there Promise Rings for A DUO?

The rings could be the same but only the size could differ. In this instance rings that are shared promise symbolize dedication and love to the relationship that will last the rest of your life. When selecting different rings pick one that has something in common like a stone or material or a striking shape, or maybe with initials engraved.


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