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The Amazing Race - Season 31 Free

Get ready for an epic reality showdown on the 31st season of The Amazing Race! That's right, the Emmy Award-winning global competition returns with the first clash among some of the most memorable players from The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Big Brother.

The Amazing Race - Season 31

On June 10, 2018, it was confirmed by host Phil Keoghan from the Starting Line that this season would feature teams who have previously competed on The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Big Brother.[2]

If the original premiere airdate of the season had not changed, the season would not have been eligible for 2019 Primetime Emmy Awards as half of the episodes would not have aired before May 31, 2019.[4]

The Amazing Race 31 (also promoted as The Amazing Race: Reality Showdown[3]) is the thirty-first season of the American reality television show The Amazing Race. It featured eleven teams of two, each consisting of former contestants from CBS's flagship reality shows, Big Brother, Survivor, and The Amazing Race, competing in a race around the world.

All three of the final teams consisted of returning players from previous seasons of The Amazing Race. Life partners Colin Guinn and Christie Woods, who had competed on The Amazing Race 5, were the winners of this season. Best friends Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, who had competed on The Amazing Race 28, finished in second place; and cousins Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran, who had competed on The Amazing Race 23 and The Amazing Race 24, finished in third.

On June 10, 2018, Phil Keoghan announced on the show's social media accounts that the season had begun filming and that the teams would be composed of contestants from CBS's reality competition programs.[1] On July 3, filming concluded in Detroit, which featured a performance of The White Stripes' single "Seven Nation Army" that was originally planned to be set in Belle Isle Park. However, the permit was denied as the Michigan Department of Natural Resources had not been informed about the large gathering of musicians needed for filming.[2]

In the lead-in to the 2018-19 television programming season, CBS had scheduled The Amazing Race 31 to begin airing on May 22, 2019.[4] However, in early April 2019, CBS opted to bring the premiere forward to April 17, 2019, slotting the show in Wednesdays after Survivor and replacing the low-rated Million Dollar Mile.[5][6]

The Head-to-Head returned this season after it was introduced in the previous season.[8] This season is also the first to utilize the U-Turn Vote, which has been previously utilized by the Israeli, Chinese, Australian, and Filipino versions of The Amazing Race.[9]

On May 4, 2018, a TMZ article reported that former Big Brother HouseGuests had been asked to compete on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race.[10] Later that day, Andy Dehnart posted that former Amazing Race contestants had also been contacted for the same season.[11] Martin Holmes from Inside Survivor then posted that former Survivor contestants were also in the mix.[12]

This season involved eleven teams, three of whom previously competed on Big Brother, three of whom previously competed on Survivor, and five of whom previously competed on The Amazing Race.[20]

Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel returned to Big Brother to compete on the show's second All-Stars season.[21] On September 3, 2020, Bret LaBelle appeared on Revenge Prank.[22] In 2022, Leo Temory competed on The Challenge: USA.[23] Pierzina and Rachel Reilly competed on the USA Network reality competition series, Snake in the Grass.[24] In 2023, Reilly also competed on the Peacock reality TV series The Traitors.[25]

The Amazing Race 31 received mostly positive reviews. Andy Dehnart of reality blurred called this season dull, writing that "TAR can still deliver beautiful cinematography and entertaining moments, like Rupert talking to an elephant, but the structure of the legs constantly undercuts any actual racing by evening up the teams."[31] Jodi Walker of Entertainment Weekly wrote that "more reality TV competition cultures in the mix made for a little more drama than usual."[32] The "Purple Rock Podcast" praised the cast, strong racing, and overall story saying that "this experiment paid off accordingly."[33] In 2022, Rhenn Taguiam of Game Rant ranked this season as the second-best season.[34]

Season 31 of The Amazing Race is officially under wraps! The reality TV-themed season started off with 11 teams from Survivor, Big Brother, and The Amazing Race vets, and ended with one team winning $1 million! Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo were the final non-Race team competing in the finale along with Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran; Colin Guinn and Christie Woods; and Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl.

Inside Survivor was created as a one-stop shop for Survivor fans. A place to visit for all the up to date news and spoilers regarding upcoming seasons, as well as weekly features, in-depth articles, and exclusive interviews.

The U-Turn Vote has been used on four international versions of the show: Israeli, which first introduced it in its second season in 2011, Chinese, Australian and Filipino. How it works is exactly like it sounds: At the start of the leg, the remaining teams each vote for who should be U-Turned. The team that receives the most votes will be U-Turned and has to complete both Detours that leg. Simple enough.

The last remaining Big Brother team of this CBS reality show all-star season of The Amazing Race found themselves on their own against three other couples who were all Amazing Race alums, and all clearly working together to land an all-Race final three.

The adventure reality show is now premiering Wednesday, April 17 on CBS. Million Dollar Mile will move to Saturdays beginning next week. The Season 31 cast brings back fan favorites from previous seasons of The Amazing Race, along with Survivor castaways and Big Brother houseguests, making it a melting pot of CBS reality shows.

* Leo is ultimately stymied by the bank vault lock for a looong time, which ends up putting him and Jamal well behind the other two teams. The race essentially gets narrowed down to Tyler and Korey versus Colin and Christie, all of whom struggle with the detail-heavy drum assembly in different ways.

Warning: This post will spoil the events of The Amazing Race 31, including the final results. Some teams in this season raced in previous seasons as well, so spoilers about their runs in those seasons can be expected. I also vaguely reference some events of previous seasons, although for this post I have made sure to omit any names to minimize the spoilers.

-The non-elimination legs were clustered too closely together in the early race. I appreciate production doing something different with them, but having so few eliminations early in the race really stunted the momentum of the season. We need at least one NEL to wait until later in the season for best results!

Former Amazing Race competitors Christie Woods and Colin Guinn took home the $1 million prize at the end of season 31. Both cast members competed in The Amazing Race Season 5 as well, and they came in second place during that outing. As such, it seems they worked their way up to their season 31 win.

Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, both of whom participated in The Amazing Race Season 28, took home the second-place prize in 2019. Meanwhile, Amazing Race veterans Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran came in third. Temory and Zadran competed on the show twice before season 31. They appeared in season 28, as well as The Amazing Race: All-Stars.

The recently engaged Franzel and Arroyo met while locked down together in the Big Brother house. Franzel has competed in two seasons of the summer reality series, and won Big Brother 18, where Victor came in fifth. Neither has appeared on The Amazing Race.

With five seasons of Big Brother backstabbing between them, friends Pierzina and Haynes know a thing or two about making an impression on reality TV. Pierzina's best finish during her three times on BB was third place, while Haynes' top result on the CBS fan fave was a fourth-place result.

Becca Droz and Floyd Pierce (Season 29, fifth place): At the start of their season, the 22 contestants arrived unpaired, so Becca and Floyd did not know each other before the competition.

For the first time in The Amazing Race history, this season featured 11 teams each consisting of reality stars from three different shows: Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and Survivor in an epic race across the globe. The season premiered on April 17, 2019. Though the concept was an Audience-Alienating Premise for some and there were noticeable flaws in both the racecourse note equalizers began many of the legs, and a finale with only one roadblock without a detour or memory task and the editing, note Many episodes came off as crammed alongside questionable choices like excluding the Head-To-Head on Leg 4 in favor of showing three teams taking a long time to find a cab and leaving out a massive airport problem on Leg 10 in which the first 2 flights got delayed, leaving everyone stuck on the third flight the end result was very well received. There were a wide variety of creative and hilarious tasks and the teams, having all already been on a reality competition before, were extremely competitive and not afraid to pull big moves. This lead to a likable final 5 and perhaps one of the best-received final outcomes in a while.

  • Nicole Franzel & Victor ArroyoDating couple from Big Brother 18; and Nicole was also on Big Brother 16. They proved themselves early on to be competent racers, finishing in 2nd three times in a row across legs 2-4. However, they were far from invincible, as seen during Leg Seven in which, already behind, they decided to drive away from the Detour without asking for directions. Nevertheless, they were a possible target for the U-Turn vote in Leg 8, but they managed to evade the vote - though not without making an enemy of the Afghanimals when Victor, thrown off by Nicole, voted for them. They were quickly repaid with a U-Turn in Leg 10, though they managed to survive that by U-Turning Team Fun behind them. Despite wanting to prove themselves in the penultimate leg as the only non-racers left, they would make a fatal decision when they decided to switch detours and not even the final Pit Stop task could save them from going home in 4th. All of the Other Reindeer: At their last leg, the remaining Race teams conspired to race against them in hopes of having a finale consisting of only Amazing Race teams.

  • Always Second Best

  • Arch-Enemy: With the Reilly sisters after their fight in Switzerland.

  • Failure Montage: Victor was shown biting over 43 shoes before finding the chocolate shoe; unlike most race examples, it didn't hurt their placement as they were already so far ahead.

  • Last of Their Kind: Both for Big Brother and non-racer teams.

  • Jerkass Ball: In leg 7, Victor acted a lot more hostile both towards the other teams and Nicole herself. Even at one point he said Nicole is nicer than him which was an odd statement considering how nice he had been the whole time.

  • Nice Guy: Victor, there isn't a single team who he hasn't been nice to, he has been even nice to the Afghanimals who would be willing to backstab them if they needed to.

  • Relationship Upgrade: They became engaged between the taping of this season and its airing, during a guest appearance in Big Brother 20.



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