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Where To Buy Gluten Free Cake

Gluten-free cakes delivered straight to your door! This chocolate layer cake is decadent, moist, and surprisingly gluten-free! Premium Dutch cocoa gives this gluten-free chocolate cake a rich flavor. Four layers of dreamy chocolate cake are filled and simply frosted with our ultra-creamy chocolate cream cheese frosting. It is finished with a border of chocolate shavings around the top. Look out world - this cake sets the bar high for gluten-free confections! Order gluten-free layer cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because!

where to buy gluten free cake

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*ALLERGY INFORMATION: This cake contains milk, eggs, and soy, and was produced in a facility that processes almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, and coconut. Our facility is not Gluten Free and therefore our cakes are not recommended for those who have Celiac or severe gluten allergies.

Oh, and I have a great gluten free yellow/white cake recipe that I have always used for gluten free birthday cakes and gluten free wedding cakes, but I wanted one that was lighter and frankly, required fewer odd ingredients.

Bear in mind that the ingredients given are all here for a reason; making substitutions will change the texture and taste of the cake, trust me. Including, and especially, the gluten free flour ingredient.

My award-winning gfJules Flour has taken me years to perfect and I modify and improve it periodically when a new ingredient becomes available, or to make it non-GMO, as I did in 2014. Using this blend will make all your gluten free baking better, but for the purposes of this discussion, it will definitely make the best gluten free cake (gluten free chocolate OR gluten free vanilla cake).

If you want sugar-free, I recommend either Swerve or Just Like Sugar. If you can tolerate unrefined coconut palm sugar, it works great in this recipe but makes the cake a darker color. But again, ingredient switches will always change the results.

And after experimenting for what felt like eons, I nailed this cake recipe and am so excited to share it with you. I now firmly believe it to be my most versatile, delicious, light, and EASY gluten free cake recipe yet!

Continue to Content"@context":"http:\/\/","@type":"Recipe","name":"The Best Gluten Free Cake Recipe","author":"@type":"Person","name":"Jules Shepard","datePublished":"2020-04-01","recipeYield":1,"description":"After years (and years and years) of recipe testing, I can say with complete confidence that this is truly the BEST gluten free cake recipe! Light and airy, moist and flavorful, this cake takes the cake!","image":["https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/08\/gluten-free-white-cake-on-plate-gfJules-480x480.jpg","https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/08\/gluten-free-white-cake-on-plate-gfJules-720x540.jpg","https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/08\/gluten-free-white-cake-on-plate-gfJules-720x405.jpg","https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/08\/gluten-free-white-cake-on-plate-gfJules-735x452.jpg"],"recipeCategory":"Desserts","recipeCuisine":"Dessert","prepTime":"PT20M","cookTime":"PT45M","performTime":"PT45M","totalTime":"PT1H5M","recipeIngredient":["1 \u00bd cups (202.5 grams)\u00a0gfJules\u00ae All Purpose Gluten Free Flour","1 cup less 1 Tbs. granulated cane sugar (Monkfruit works as a sub)","2 tsp. baking powder","1\/3 tsp. baking soda","1\/2 tsp. salt (optional)","2 eggs or substitute (for white cake, use 4 egg whites)**","1\/3 cup mild flavored vegetable oil of choice (safflower, non-GMO canola, avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil melted, etc.)","1 Tbs. white vinegar (lemon juice works as a sub but imparts lemon flavor)","1 tsp. pure vanilla extract (I like Rodelle\u00ae)","\u00bd cup milk of choice (dairy or non-dairy; skim or fat-free not recommended)"],"recipeInstructions":"Preheat oven to 325 F.\n\nLine with parchment rounds or oil one 8 or 9-inch round cake pan or line 12 muffin cups with cupcake papers.\n\nBring all ingredients to room temperature. Sift the dry ingredients (including sugar) together in a bowl. \n\nIn a separate mixing bowl, whisk together liquid ingredients except milk. If making white cake, first whip egg whites or aquafaba sub quickly to fluff, then add other liquids: oil; vinegar and vanilla (plus chocolate syrup, if using).\n\nSlowly pour dry mix into the liquids and begin to stir, adding the milk while stirring to keep the flour from flying up and out of the bowl while mixing. Continue to beat at medium speed just until the lumps are gone and the batter is smooth and no longer lumpy.\n\nPour batter into prepared pan(s). Allow to rest in the pan before baking for 10 minutes (not required if pressed for time).\n\nBake for approximately 30-35 minutes for cakes or 20-25 minutes for cupcakes. Test with a toothpick before removing from the oven. When done, the toothpick should come out clean (not wet) or with a few crumbs attached when inserted into the center of the cake. \n\nGlass, metal and ceramic pans all alter the bake time, so check for done-ness before removing from the oven. Pressing gently onto the top of the cake, it should feel firm and bounce back.\n\nRemove to cool on a wire rack. To remove the cake, gently invert the cake by flipping it upside down onto your hand, removing the pan, then returning the cake to the wire rack or a serving plate.\n\nFrost with white or chocolate frosting. (There are plenty more frosting recipes where that came from - just search the \"recipes\" tab on my site!)","nutrition":"@type":"NutritionInformation","calories":"76 calories","carbohydrateContent":"2 grams carbohydrates","cholesterolContent":"32 milligrams cholesterol","fatContent":"7 grams fat","fiberContent":"0 grams fiber","proteinContent":"1 grams protein","saturatedFatContent":"1 grams saturated fat","servingSize":"1","sodiumContent":"230 grams sodium","sugarContent":"1 grams sugar","transFatContent":"0 grams trans fat","unsaturatedFatContent":"6 grams unsaturated fat","aggregateRating":"@type":"AggregateRating","ratingValue":"4.5","reviewCount":561,"url":"https:\/\/\/recipes\/the-best-gluten-free-cake-recipe\/"Yield: 1 8-9" round cake or 12 cupcakesThe Best Gluten Free Cake RecipePrintAfter years (and years and years) of recipe testing, I can say with complete confidence that this is truly the BEST gluten free cake recipe! Light and airy, moist and flavorful, this cake takes the cake!

Hi Rose, depending on your altitude, you may need to make some slight adjustments with any kind of gluten free baking. Check out my high altitude baking tips here to see if your altitude would need any adjustments.jules

With a simple swap from conventional flour to our Gluten-Free Measure for Measure Flour, King Arthur favorites like Lemon Bliss Cake and Red Velvet Cake have been given the gluten-free makeover you've been waiting for. These gluten-free versions are just as tender, flavorful, and full-of-love as ever!

This gluten free cake batter fudge is also kind of like a shortcut fudge. I use melted chocolate and sweetened condensed milk in my fudge recipes. I like the texture so much more than the classic old fashioned fudge way. The melted chocolate and condensed milk give it an almost chewy but melt-in-your-mouth texture that is undeniably good. Addicting even.

Heyyy, I'm Shay! I'm a gluten free recipe developer and author The Gluten Free Quick Breads Cookbook. I will teach you how to make & bake THE BEST gluten free treats, baked goods & breads that are so good, your gluten-eating friends will be jealous. Let's making something great together!

Certified GF, kosher (OU), and Non-GMO. Vegan, dairy free, nut free, corn free. Blends by Orly are a line of specialty Gluten-free flour blends and baking mixes created by a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef. Each Blend is formulated for different cooking and baking applications. Allows you to easily make any regular recipe just by replacing the wheat flour with one of the gluten free Blends.

Ordering death by chocolate cake, one with golden vanilla, or carrot cake always sound delicious, unless the requirement is plant-based or gluten-free. At Half Baked in Burbank, they can customize any cake to eliminate gluten or eggs and milk.

Located inside the Fuller Theological Seminary, Lêberry Bakery & Donut opened in 2018 and only offers plant-based vegan and gluten-free dessert. They also offer organic coffee, donuts, pies, cakes, lemon bars, and a very moist double chocolate cookie.

Please understand that our bakery is not 100% gluten free, but we take great care when it comes to keeping gluten free products separate from other baked goods. In cases of an allergy, please consider that we do use the same facility for all of our products and cannot guarantee that there is no contamination among products.

Gluten-free eaters know, though, that there are some good GF dupes and some not-so-good. To find the best versions of this baking must-have, our Test Kitchen had to sample every gluten-free chocolate cake mix they could find. Our Test Kitchen team also found the best yellow cake mix. 041b061a72


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