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How To Train Your Dragon Roleplayl

Parents need to know that School of Dragons is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that's browser-based and requires the Unity plug-in. It's free to play, but a monthly subscription provides bonus advantages. A collaboration between JumpStart and DreamWorks, it's a safe title based on the How to Train Your Dragon films, with underlying educational themes, including the scientific method. Kids will train their dragons, hatching them from eggs and performing tasks such as playing mini-games to obtain food to help their pets grow big and strong.

How To Train Your Dragon Roleplayl

Kids who are fans of the How to Train Your Dragon movies (and Cressida Cowell's books that they're based on) will love the chance to jump into the world of Berk, training the dragon that they'll eventually fly, race, and explore with. School of Dragons follows the movies closely, with all the key characters included in the game as quest givers. Graphics are superb for a browser-based game, and actions are simple; even flying is forgiving. Quests are varied to keep repetition low. Plus, educational aspects are subtly woven into the story, which shouldn't turn off educationally averse kids. (For example, the alchemist talks about using the scientific method to complete tasks.)


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