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Malaysia Odds - Latest Malaysian Football Odds Today

Malaysia odds are provided by 99% of reputable bookmakers in the market. This type of betting is easier to calculate, understand, and has simpler rules compared to Indo, Hong Kong, or Decimal odds. Let's win tips bet to learn about Malaysia's odds.

What are Malaysia Odds?

Malaysia Odds are the numbers displayed alongside betting options when you choose to place a bet. These odds are used to calculate the winning or losing amount in betting.

Unlike Hong Kong odds, Malaysian odds have both positive and negative signs indicating positive and negative odds, respectively, with different calculations for winning or losing.

In some places, Malaysia odds are also referred to as Malay Odds. This form of betting emerged in the 1960s but was officially recognized by the government only in the 1990s.

Due to its simplicity and ease of play, this type of odds is favored by many bettors. Not only does it offer high odds, but it also allows you to earn a significant amount of money with accurate bets.

What types of bets do Malaysian odds include?

Similar to Hong Kong odds or Macao odds, players can place various types of bets such as Asian handicap, European handicap, or Over/Under. Specifically:

Malaysian Live Asian Handicap Odds

Bookmakers provide a number indicating the goals that the strong team gives to the weaker team. Depending on the handicap, you win or lose after the match ends. There are cases where you win or lose only half of the bet.

Malaysian European Handicap Betting

Malaysian football betting allows players to choose among Win-Draw-Lose outcomes. This is a simple way of betting suitable for beginners.

Over/Under Betting

You need to predict whether the total number of goals will be higher or lower than the number set by the bookmakers. They provide a specific ratio, and you predict either Over or Under.

Other supplementary bets

In addition to the main bets, there are other supplementary bets in best online betting sites malaysia odds to increase excitement and diversity for players. For example, even/odd goal bets, yellow card bets, penalty bets, etc.

Illustration of detailed Malaysian betting odds

Follow the Malaysian football odds in the match between the Swiss team and Norway happening at 2:07 today. The odds board shows a handicap of 0 0.5, over/under 1 goal, and 1×2 for the entire match.

Suppose you bet 100k for each ticket. Read the odds and calculate the specific amounts in each case as follows:

Malaysia odds with a Handicap of 0 0.5

If you choose the negative odds (-0.93), with 100K, you will encounter the following scenarios:

If Switzerland wins by at least 1 goal, you win, and you receive 100K.

If Switzerland loses, you lose 93K because the odds are -0.93.

If the match ends in a draw, you lose 50K.

If you choose the positive odds 0.83, you encounter the following scenarios:

If Switzerland wins by at least 1 goal, you lose, and you lose 100K.

If Switzerland loses, you lose 83K because the odds are 0.83.

If the match ends in a draw, you lose 50K.

Malaysian odds for Over/Under 1 goal

For over/under betting with positive odds:

If the match has 2 or more goals, you lose 100K.

If the match has 1 goal, you get a refund.

If the match ends 0-0, you win 82K.

For over/under betting with negative odds:

If the match has 2 or more goals, you win 94K.

If the match has 1 goal, you get a refund.

If the match ends 0-0, you lose 100K.

Malaysian odds for European Handicap Betting

For European handicap betting, the calculation is applied as usual. Note that the winning amount already includes the initial bet. Specifically:

If Switzerland wins, you bet on them to win 570K with Malaysian odds of 5.70. If you bet on Norway to lose, you lose 100K.

If Norway wins, you bet on them to win 231K, and if you bet on Switzerland to lose, you lose 100K.

If the teams draw, betting on a draw earns you 204K, and betting on either Switzerland or Norway to lose results in a loss of 100K each.

Where to find the latest Malaysian betting odds updates?

It's essential to have access to updated Malaysian odds information to make accurate predictions and bets. Matches happen continuously, and most of them have these odds available due to high public interest.

You should visit reputable websites like Diego Maradona Group for the most accurate information. All matches are regularly updated by experts in real-time.

Whenever there are changes in the numbers, they are continuously updated at this address. This ensures that bettors do not miss out on any important information.

Diego Maradona Group offers a variety of Malaysian football odds in this article today. The content guarantees absolute accuracy as it is sourced from the most reputable sport bookmaker today.

Tips for the most accurate Malaysian odds betting

Malaysian odds require careful consideration to profit. Some betting tips compiled by experts from Diego Maradona Group may be helpful:

Avoid choosing odds greater than -0.73: According to experienced bettors, odds greater than -0.73 have lower winning rates. Choose odds closer to -1 for higher chances of winning.

Carefully analyze Malaysian football odds and choose matches you understand. Thoroughly calculate and analyze multiple data to make the most likely choice.

Allocate appropriate capital: Divide your capital into 10 parts, and bet only 1 part for each ticket. This allows you to play more games and avoids reckless betting.


Malaysian odds are constantly updated to provide players with clear betting options. Invest wisely, apply useful experiences, and win this game strategically.


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