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Tmobile Batteries

T-Mobile handles various types of devices and batteries. Federal and state laws regulate how batteries and devices are recycled. The T-Mobile recycling program complies with those laws and gives consumers a way to properly and safely recycle these items. T-Mobile requires suppliers and partners that repair and recycle these devices to be certified to the industry leading R2 standard, which provides a common set of processes, safety measures and documentation requirements. R2 is rigorously and independently audited, emphasizing quality, safety and transparency, including any devices exported for refurbishment and recycling. Recyclables include handsets, chargers, accessories, nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries, lithium-ion batteries, small sealed lead acid (SSLA) batteries and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries.

tmobile batteries


I recently added the SyncUP & Drive device to my account - we are long-time T-Mobile customers and have not had any problems whatsoever besides this to date. My son was getting his license and I wanted to be able to monitor his driving. The SyncUP device worked like a charm for the first week or two, until the battery started dying nearly every night. This battery had been replaced less than 6 months prior, so there should not have been an issue. I was going on a trip, so I decided to let him drive my SUV while I was out of town since he was having problems with the battery and I wanted him in a more reliable vehicle. I also have a new battery in my vehicle, about one year old and also had my alternator replaced between 2-3 years ago. Well, when I was on my trip my battery started dying and then after a couple of days my son had the vehicle completely stall on him while driving. This device not only killed my battery, but my alternator! Fortunately, the batteries were both still under warranty but my alternator cost me a pretty penny. These devices sound absolutely amazing for teen drivers but they are most definitely too good to be true!

Why is there no reply from tmobile? I too had big electrical problems and I am scared to let my 16 year old daughter drive with something that is not tested enough. If I don't get an answer from tmobile I will raise hell on social media.

did anyone got help from tmoible? i am having the similiar issue with my battery. The syncup drive shows offline and the battery dies more often in my nissan rouge. I never had this problem. My car even starts acting weird while driving. I am scared to drive car in this condition. but reading this thread, i came to know it is because of the syncup drive. i unplugged the syncup drive, after coming here and seeing other people had the same issues. How can we make tmobile pay for this damage?

. T-Mobile should reimburse all customers for non-disclosure on the sync-up device for batteries and warranties tgat were voided and alternators. The Sync Up device should be unplugged when the vehicle is not in use because it draws power from the battery 24-7.

DEFINITELY killing batteries. My battery was fine before the syncup drive went in my car. Slowly died over time, until the point I had to replace my battery. I had the syncup in the OBD port for a few days with the new battery, and it was hesitating to start (the hesitation was not too significant, but just enough to be noticeable on a brand new battery), I took the syncup out, and I have not had a problem with my battery since. T-Mobile should definitely do something about this, not just have employees "Make an escalation with Mojio." Do something about it guys.

I've also had to replace my battery because of this. I didn't have any issues until I plugged that thing in my truck. When I called to disconnect it I was asked why and I told the lady that it was killing my battery. She asked if there was anyone else I could give it to so that they could use it...I told her I wouldn't be giving it to anyone else and killing their car battery also. I think that we should definitely be reimbursed for the new batteries we've had to purchase. The battery that I had to replace wasn't even 2 years old.

I hate to say it but I've had my car stall out with a critical battery warning twice since I started using the syncup. I've gotten 2 batteries and been okay since I disconnected the sync up. This is especially difficult since I'm an employee and we have quotas with this product.

I have had my SyncUp since it first came out and I have replaced my batteries 3 times. My original battery I replaced and just thought it was a couple years old maybe it didn't like the move to the cold weather. Then I bought a yellow top and it died after having it in my car for a month, got a replacement and it died after a week. I kept getting the critical battery error on my sync up app and just thought I must've gotten crappy batteries. Now battery number four is in the vehicle and I recently went out to a dead battery and it is a yellow top also. So maybe I have found the reason for these issues. I have had my car for 8 years and NEVER had a battery issue like this. TMOBILE. Have you found any connection between our battery issues and the device?

On Nov. 3 at 6:20 a.m., North Arlington police responded to a T-Mobile equipment room on Ridge Road. There, a T-Mobile employee reported they were alerted to a service outage at 6:20 a.m. At 6:50, he was assigned to inspect the wireless outage, where he observed the batteries powering their transmitters missing. 041b061a72


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