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Fallout 4 Crash When Scrapping High Quality

Many objects are PreCombined, PreVisibility objects and may cause serious performance problems over time when using scrapall and/or scrapping mods. Even Horizons Scrap Cleanup Station does touch PreCombined content! Its visible when checking the FormList records via FO4Edit. Static objects are almost exclusively Precombined objects and marked [Placed Object] in a Cell/Worldspace category.

fallout 4 crash when scrapping

This option will remove NPC corpses only if they are actually dead, unlike manual scrapping. ? Corpses not looted manually will remain in the settlement when "Remove All Corpses" is activated, vice versa, when looting corpses before using "Remove All Corpses", corpses should disappear appropriately.

We are now using Settlement Menu Manager (SMM) for our menu injection method. However this mod still requires an uninstall chem to properly end all scripts associated with the ice cold drink cooling functionality. It is also CRITICAL that you scrap ALL objects that require power to function before uninstalling the mod. We DO NOT RECOMMEND uninstalling workshop mods including this one ever.Use the uninstall chem. If you don't do this there will be quests and scripts baked into your save game PERMANENTLY which can bloat your files and will cause error reports in your Papyrus logs.1. Make the Creative Uninstall chem located in the Utility menu of your chemistry workstation and consume it. 2. Wait a minute or so for the chem to take effect.3. You can then save, exit and remove the mod safely. Snappable Plants when uninstalling: If the plants are from pre-version 13 you should either unassign your settlers from or delete the plants by hand before uninstalling this mod since settlers can think they are still assigned to the plants and not want to assign to new locations/objects after the mod is gone. We looked into a script that can clean out those connections for you, but it was not guaranteed that it would clean out all the references properly so it is best if you to do it by hand. All post-version 13 plants (recognizable because they don't have "potted" in the name) are all safe :D.Scrap powered objects when uninstalling: If you do not scrap all objects that required power using workshop mode then you risk causing the scrap crash in your game (crashing to desktop when scrapping objects or when manipulating powered objects in workshop mode). Objects requiring power will include working terminal desks, electric lights, lit displays, and powered coolers. To learn more about this problem and to fix your save game if you've already uninstalled any mod that had powered objects without scrapping them in workshop mode first check out Registrator2000's Power Grid Tools mod. The fix requires F4SE and is not available for Xbox.


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