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Fairy Tail Happy Tale Full Download

These unique blocks make a beautiful gift (they pair great with classic fairy tale books!) and are a perfect craft to do with your kids or a group of friends. As always buy once and print as many times as you wish!

fairy tail happy tale full download

For centuries, and from a very young age, children are told fairy stories. Many are known by almost everybody within a country or even internationally. From Bluebeard to Cinderella, fairy tales are an integral part of a culture and ingrained in people's psyche. So it is hardly surprising that off the back of these written and spoken words have come visions and sound in the form of theatre, film, music, and song.

The story of the origins of fairy tales has in itself become a myth of many versions, very fitting of its genre. Some date them back to 200AD, others 7000 years, while the term was popularly originated with Madame d'Aulnoy in the 17th century. Yet the Brothers Grimm and then Hans Christian Andersen are known as the pioneers of fairy tales as we know them today from their 19th-century texts.

The genre first moved to film in the 20th century when Disney produced Silly Symphony. This series of short films, from 1929 to 1939, was intended as comedic moving pictures accompanied by music. Still, using characters from fairy tales became the start of the multi-billion genre that it is today. The music was a part of the picture, with soundtracks for The Skeleton Dance by Carl Stalling and Three Little Pigs by Frank Churchill.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs followed this in 1937, the first commercial film soundtrack and certainly the first fairy-taled. Songs such as Heigh-Ho remained famous with all generations and led to songs related to fairy tales becoming hugely popular.

The above shows that fairy tale music has been dominated by Disney and their production of films within this genre. However, there are, and have been for many years, performances of fairy tales in theatres and spaces across the world in which music plays an integral part and is interpreted in its way to ensure the fantasy are perfectly showcased in sound.

Buy and download royalty free fairy tale music by Melody Loops to create professional opening themes, games, slideshows, etc. Choose from a range of different pieces that will suit your project perfectly.


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