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Animoto is a popular online tool that allows users to easily combine images, text, and music into web based videos. After choosing your images, text and music, it adds effects to create a very interesting dynamic presentation. It really looks professionally done. But you can only create a 30-second movie for free. To create longer movies, you have to pay $30 per year for unlimited video creation and download.

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Digital news media that are independent, diverse, and free are also essential to promoting a democratic information space. The media can conduct digital literacy campaigns, investigate propaganda offensives and their origins, and hold officials accountable for violating human rights. Journalists contributing to online outlets should be given full access to state officials and resources, a safe environment in which to work, and protection from online harassment and intimidation.

Brutus is one of the most popular remote online password-cracking tools. It claims to be the fastest and most flexible password cracking tool. This tool is free and is only available for Windows systems. It was released back in October 2000.

RainbowCrack is a password cracking tool designed to work using rainbow tables. It is possible to generate custom rainbow tables or take advantage of preexisting ones downloaded from the internet. RainbowCrack offers free downloads of rainbow tables for the LANMAN, NTLM, MD5 and SHA1 password systems.

OphCrack is a free rainbow table-based password cracking tool for Windows. It is the most popular Windows password cracking tool but can also be used on Linux and Mac systems. It cracks LM and NTLM hashes. For cracking Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, free rainbow tables are also available.

In this post, we have listed 10 password-cracking tools. These tools try to crack passwords with different password-cracking algorithms. Most of the password cracking tools are available for free. So, you should always try to have a strong password that is hard to crack. These are a few tips you can try while creating a password.

Start downloading media with Replay Media Catcher for FREE today. The free demo is fully functional so that you can try all of the features. You can capture 100% length of all YouTube videos, and 50% length of everything else.

Yes, Brave is completely free to use. Simply download the Brave browser for desktop, for Android, or for iOS to get started. You can also use Brave Search free from any browser at, or set it as your default search engine.

If you're looking for one single place to learn how to take your career to the next level and/or grow your business, check out HubSpot Academy. It contains tons of free certified courses on everything from inbound and content marketing to social media and sales.

Audio is even easier. Shocking as it may seem, you can still buy CDs. Rip them to a hard drive, and you have digital copies for as long as your hard drive lasts (and presumably, the CD will last even longer). Alternatively, you can buy and download DRM-free music and convert it to whatever file format you like or trust. iTunes and Amazon Music files are DRM-free, as are the downloads from many smaller music sites, many of which offer even higher-quality audio files. For older music downloads that have DRM, you can typically convert them to a DRM-free format such as FLAC or WAV.

I guess I can still set up an image repository in CC to save space on my hard drive. I should be able to access it as long as Adobe offers the free CC membership. I will just need to download files on an as-needed basis.

Imaging studies were performed on a Siemens Sonata 1.5T system (Sonata; Siemens Healthcare; Erlangen, Germany) using the provided Siemens finger coil. Before and after MCP distraction, static magnetic resonance images were obtained of the MCP joint (3D T1 weighted GRE: Field of view = 160 x 120 mm, 256 x 192 matrix, 2 mm slice thickness, Flip angle = 30 degrees, TR = 20.0 ms, TE = 3.17 ms, bandwidth = 250 Hz/pixel). During distraction of the MCP joint, cine MRI was acquired from the midline of the joint at a rate of 3.2 frames per second until the distraction force was removed following the cracking event. Cine imaging parameters for a single shot steady-state free-precession (SSFP) pulse sequence were as follows: Field of view = 200 x 75 mm, 192 x 72 matrix, 5 mm slice thickness, Flip angle = 70 degrees, TR = 4.30 ms, TE = 2.15 ms, bandwidth = 1000 Hz/pixel.

With the subject prone, the hand and radiofrequency coil were secured to the imaging gantry then positioned in the magnet (Fig. 1). The cable attached to the finger of interest was then threaded through the magnet so that it exited on the side opposite the subject. During cine MRI acquisition, a slowly increasing distraction force was applied manually through the cable until the subject indicated the occurrence of joint cracking. At any time, the subject could request the process be stopped for any reason (which did not occur). In 5 MCP joints, distraction was ceased immediately after the cracking event. In the remaining 5 cases, distraction forces were maintained for approximately 5 seconds after cracking.

Static images were displayed with software supplied by the magnet manufacturer. Cine MRI images were loaded as imaging sequences into ImageJ software [47] for further analysis. Within this software, images prior to the start of distraction and after the cessation of distraction were deleted from the imaging sequence. The remaining image sequence was then converted into binary images using default threshold settings within Image J. The space between the joint surfaces was then measured prior to joint distraction, immediately after the cracking event (the frame immediately following rapid joint separation) and once distraction forces were ceased. Measurement of joint space separation was performed by a custom Image J script that converted the images in the cine sequence to a binary format. In each cine frame, joint edges were detected automatically through thresholding and the total space between joint surfaces measured within a defined region of interest. In addition, MRI signal intensity was evaluated as a function of time in the region of interest where cavity formation occurred as well as in control areas where signal intensity was not expected to change (i.e. cancellous bone). All images were reviewed by an imaging physicist and two certified radiologists using native contrast settings.

The right 4th MCP joint in the resting phase (A). The MCP joint as seen during distraction of the MCP joint in the frame just prior to joint cracking / joint separation (B). The MCP joint visualized in the next frame immediately after joint cracking (C). The joint in the refractory phase immediately after removal of distraction forces (D).

Cine MRI images displayed are those immediately prior to, and after, joint cracking with zoomed regions to demonstrate areas where signal intensities were measured for the region of interest as well as control regions.

Dark signal intensities in the joint immediately following cracking on both cine MRI imaging (a balanced SSFP pulse sequence with a characteristic mixed (T2/T1) weighting) as well as in the higher resolution T1 weighted static images, supports the presence of an air region of interest. Specifically, a significant and rapid increase in the fluid T1 values, which could reduce the signal intensity in both of these acquisitions, is implausible, and thus the reduction in signal is most likely due to a reduction in spin density associated with the formation of an air space. The gradual increase in signal intensity in the same region just prior to the cracking is suggestive of fluid accumulation during this phase of the finger cracking.

Researchers, policymakers, and users have identified several key issues with the social media ecosystem. These include vast power held by a few corporations, which hurts innovation and competition; the spread of false news and debates about the limits of free speech; how social media threatens privacy, election integrity, and democracy; and platform oversight and transparency.


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